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Airplanes that are recognized by their technical characteristics and operative performances.



With the same spirit towards innovation that in the passed motivated our technicians and professionals in aeronautical engineering to continuously develop high quality all metal aircraft, today our Company has introduced, in a period of more than 32 years, it's different models of airplanes so much in Colombia as in many other countries of America and Europe.

Since then, our airplanes have been recognized for their technical characteristics and performance, up to the point that others have adopted them, in several countries, as models to follow technically.

In Aeroandina S.A. we believe that what really differentiates us as a Company, is our permanent ability to generate over and over again new ideas in a solid structure conceived for mass production of ready to fly airplanes, today conform to the international “light category” LSA rule.

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Our History

AGROCOPETROS LTDA. - Was founded in 1971 by Eng. MAXIMO TEDESCO. It`s main objective was to design and manufacture light, ready to fly, aircrafts in Colombia, South America.

AUTOGYROS: The first product developed by AGROCOPTEROS was an Autogyro for air spraying...


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