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When design a new model, we are already thinking in the next generation.


The methodology and qualification of Aeroandina's personnel, are the premises that lead us to permanently optimise our aircrafts and to implement advanced technologies on each of it's components. This way, we are frequently surprising the sector and our clients with new ideas, now for over a period of 30 years, to achieve the goal that flying the MXP airplanes will be each time more simple, confident and safe.

This is why we can assure that the passion that you feel while flying one of our airplanes, is the same passion that we put on building them, which has meant the propagation in the world of more than 440 of our flying units.

The MXP airplanes, in it's standard versions, are equipped with:

Rotax engines, in it's various ranges of power. Very confident and efficient in fuel consumption. Rotax has a global network for maintenance, repairs and spare parts for this engines.
All metal construction within aeronautical standards and specifications.
All the necessary instruments required for VFR flight.
Provision for avionics and IFR instrumentation.
Operator and Flight Manual, Parts Manual and list International MXP
Aeronautical Centres.
Spacious cockpits, bearing in mind occupants safety and “super-comfort”
(even if this costs us speed..).
Cockpit tapestry in various options and colours.
Sliding seats with safety harnesses.
360º cockpit visibility plus top visibility.
Acoustic and thermal isolation.
Ample variety of optional equipment.

To download the Description and Contents of Interiors, click here.


MXP 640 / 650 MXP 740 / 750 MXP 100 AVENTURA MXP 800 FANTASY - CALIMA MXP 1000 TAYRONA
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