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AGROCOPETROS LTDA. - Was founded in 1971 by Eng. MAXIMO TEDESCO. It`s main objective was to design and manufacture light, ready to fly, aircrafts in Colombia, South America.

AUTOGYROS:- The first product developed by AGROCOPTEROS was an Autogyro for air spraying, thus introducing for the first time in Colombia “ultra low volume” aerial crop applications reducing in 60% (!!!) the costs of crop dusting in Colombian agricultural fields. Excellent results were achieved. 8 units were produced.


BIPLANES:- In 1977 in order to complement aerial applications with a fixed wing aircraft, the SCAMP biplane was developed, which was an all metal biplane, single place, also in agricultural version for “ultra low volume” applications. 4 units of air sprayers were produced and 3 units of a tourism version.


HELICOPTERS:- In 1982, AGROCOPTEROS, under license of Rotor Way of USA, started the assembly of two place helicopters for tourism and displacement in difficult areas not served by roads. In 1986 the Colombian government, for reason of national security, prohibited tourism helicopters in the country. 6 units were produced .


CANARD” SINGLE PLACE:- In 1980 AGROCOPTEROS entered the field of “composites” by building the “Gold-Wing”, fibreglass canard single place light airplane for tourism, very safe and with very low operating costs. 12 units were produced.

ALL METAL AIRPLANES:- Also in 1980, taking advantage of the advanced technology acquired in the construction of metal airplanes, AGROCOPTEROS started the production of “Zenith” 4 place all metal low wig, long range, airplanes. A 2 seat aerobatic version was developed as a trainer for the Colombian Air Force (FAC), hiring an aerobatic pilot, John Gill, Canadian champion, who demonstrated this incredibly performing airplane to the Air Force Staff. Reasons of budget and the “endemic war” of Colombia, prevented the negotiation, even thaw the airplane was technically accepted as an excellent trainer. 8 units of the 4 place and 1 aerobatic airplane were produced.


LIGHT AND ULTRALIGHT METAL AIRPLANES:- Due to the world crisis at the end of the 70's and beginning of 80's, and the bankruptcy of the main single-engine airplane manufacturers, Piper and Cessna, due to it's high manufacturing costs, the Directors and Technicians of AGROCOPTEROS saw a great opportunity in the ever growing international demand for high quality, low cost, all metal “Light airplanes”. The Company dedicated then all it's efforts, knowledge and experience to satisfy this demand by developing and offering 5 (five) new light airplanes that entered the market between 1985 and 1990:

•  MXP-740 (High Wing) “SAVANNAH”
•  MXP-640 (Low wing) “AMIGO”
•  MXP-650 (Low wing) “AMIGO-S”
•  MXP-740-F (High wing, Air spay applications)
•  MXP-100 (High wing, tandem, open cockpit) “AVENTURA”

Of this 5 different types of light airplanes, as of December 2003, four hundred and twenty seven (427) units were produced, of which 82 fly in Colombia.


This airplanes were of immediate acceptance in the national market because of it's quality, performance and low price; this success obviously lead AGROCOPTEROS to introduce it's products in the international markets, specially in Europe. The international presence of AGROCOPTEROS products was welcome beyond any expectation, to the point that it was imperative to soon appoint a European Dealer. The company chosen was ICP s.r.l. of Italy for all of the European territory.

Due to the massive acceptance of it's products, and the continuous increasing demand, AGROCOPTEROS transformed itself in 1998 into TECNOLOGÌAS AERONAUTICAS S.A. – AEROTEC S.A ., reorganizing itself into a new production facility of 9.000 square feet.

FANTASY:- In August of 2001, the technical staff of AEROTEC S.A. began the design and development of the MXP-800 FANTASY that concluded with the flight tests in Feb. 2002 and later shipment of the prototype to Europe to a newly appointed overseas Dealer .


AEROTECNOLOGÍAS ANDINAS S.A.:- The enormous economic damage that derived from the plagiarism of our MXP-740 Savannah airplane by the previous Dealer, lead to the inevitable liquidation of AEROTEC S.A., and the arising of a new company, AEROTECNOLOGÌAS ANDINAS S.A. C.I, “AEROANDINAS S.A.” , with new partners, but with the EXPERIENCE of more than 30 years and with qualified PERSONNEL whose technological background in the manufacturing of aircrafts, averages, up to date, to more than 17 years.

At the moment, the technical department, under the direction of Eng. Maximo Tedesco, is close to launch the newly developed MXP-1000 TAYRONA airplane for LSA category. This exceptional aircraft should be available by January 2005. Ask for updates.


EXPERIENCE:- AEROANDINAS S.A. has an accumulated experience throughout a period of 32 years during which has produced nearly 500 ready to fly airships such as autogyros, helicopters, high wing airplanes, low wing airplanes, wood airplanes, composite airplanes, etc., thanks to the CREATIVITY, versatility, knowledge, and experience of it's Engineers and Directors. This knowledge and experience, internationally known, has become more evident in the past 15 years, since the introduction in the market of the MXP series of airplanes, which are world wide known for its QUALITY, PERFORMANCE and EASINESS OF OPERATION , with sales that amount to date to more than 440 ready to fly units, in it's various models in the national (20%) and international (80%) markets since 1985, when the company started the MXP series of airplanes.


SECURITY:- The operative security of the products of AEROANDINAS S.A. has been the main constant in the design and development of the aircraft produced by the company. Proof of it, are the few reported accidents that amount to (6) six cases (1.3%) in 15 years and 440 flying units. It is imperative to emphasize that in this very few cases, the accidents were all due to improper operation of the aircrafts , neglecting clear operative parameters established by the manufacturer.

The aerodynamic stability of the airplanes, the gradual collapsibility of the structure in case of impact, the easiness of operation (our airplanes are meant for non professional pilots), and the low acquisition price , are the fundamental parameters under which the research and development department creates all of AEROANDINAS S.A. products.

SUCCESS:- The above principles, along with the quality of the materials employed in the construction, the luxurious finishes, the comfort of our cabins, the all metal construction together with the very few accidents, have been the high commercial success of the airplanes designed and produced by AEROANDINAS S.A.. Today our airplanes accumulate tens of thousands of flying hours , some of them with 18 – 20 years of flying through international skies under the command of highly satisfied pilot-customers who can speak for us and our products.

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